64% of international females hitched to Saudis are Asian: Awasir

Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH Awasir, the Saudi Charitable Society for the Welfare of Saudi Families Abroad, has reported that 64 per cent of international wives of Saudis come from parts of asia, Al-Watan newsprint reported on Sunday.

The charity stated 19 % of international spouses of Saudis are African, 4.3 % come from the Arabian Gulf nations and 4 % come from Western nations.

Awasir Chairman Tawfiq Al-Swaylem said the charity cares for Saudi families abroad.

Wedding with non-Saudi females has grown to become a phenomenon that is common the last two decades. We have been enthusiastic about learning the occurrence to comprehend why it offers become so popular among Saudis. Nowadays, plenty of social and social exchanges occur during the regional, nationwide and worldwide levels. More over, the news is people that are influencing people have usage of social media marketing, which makes it very easy to relate with folks from around the world, stated Al-Swaylem.

He additionally stated brand brand new kinds of wedding agreements have actually showed up such as for instance civil wedding, misyar wedding, misyaf marriage, custom wedding, tourism marriage, summer time marriage as well as other marriages aided by the intention of divorce or separation after a particular time period.

One reason why for such marriages could be the rate that is high of while the huge costs of life when you look at the Kingdom. There’s also opinions that are many what comprises a wedding. The young Saudis not any longer prioritize the duty of family members and are usually not prepared to make sacrifices to make certain a family life that is stable. They cannot anticipate the serious consequences of broken families as well as the variations in traditions and values, stated Al-Swaylem.

He additionally stated senior guys are the people who opt to marry international females probably the most.

One other group of males marrying women that are foreign men with restricted earnings sources, which oblige them to marry international ladies as the costs of marriage while the maintenance of foreign spouses are affordable. There are the men that are polygamous prefer to marry international females as 2nd, 3rd or fourth spouses, stated Al-Swaylem.

He included some Saudi guys marry foreign females when they travel abroad for tourism or research.

The final category are males whom marry temporarily with all the intention of divorce proceedings,” he stated.

Al-Swaylem has stated one cause for numerous men that are saudi married abroad is a tradition of spinsterhood has spread in Saudi culture aided by the amount of females of usually do not need to get hitched increasing for assorted reasons.

“there are many than 1.5 million spinsters into the Kingdom presently as well as the quantity is increasing, stated Al-Swaylem.

He included what causes the spread of this spinsterhood are poverty, jobless, strict and complicated tribal and social traditions, high bills, rejection of polygamous marriages and women prioritizing work and training over marriage.

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